SCI Associated Costs

Tuckers Team

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Costs associated with a spinal cord injury, such as the one Tucker experienced, are crazy.  Families do not plan for such catastrophic injuries to occur, so when it does, it is life changing.  Health insurance, like Blue Cross Blue Shield is good, but limiting.

Spinal cord injuries take that typical "day-to-day" expense to another level. The information I am sharing will give you an idea of what families with spinal cord injuries will typically experience.

Since July 23 expenses associated with care:
Medical helicopter to Medstar: $48K
Medical team needed for transport to Medstar: $22K
ICU for three weeks at Medstar: $256K
Medical helicopter to Shepherd: $8K
Shepherd Rehabilitation: $188K
Monthly Prescriptions: $700
Power Chair: $40K
Manual Chair: $11K
Durable Medical Equipment: $70K
Out patient rehabilitation: $100/per hour
Home renovations - $45K
Trips to the ER - $12K
Surgeries and procedures: $100K