The past year has been filled with many positive strides towards Tucker's independence. Here is a quick recap to get everyone up to speed! 

Continuing education…

Tucker is going to be a Hokie! Thats right, Tucker was accepted to Virginia Tech and he will be starting in the Spring of 2017. He is currently planning on majoring in building construction, he is very excited about this new adventure and can't wait to start in the spring!

Exploring creativity…

Art has become a really big thing in Tuck’s life. He has always enjoyed dabbling in different media and showed talent since he was young. Now he has discovered a passion for acrylic painting and has become prolific. When he’s inspired, he turns out a painting a day. He has his own style and palette – and did we forget to mention, he’s good. If you’re interested Tucker will be having another art exhibit in Ohio this coming November. He’ll be showing and offering nearly 18 of his favorite paintings.  

Sports (after all, he is a Winfrey)…

How about wheelchair rugby?  That’s right. Tuck plays for the Virginia Mutiny, it is an amazing group, ranging in age from 19-54 years of age.  Their support and encouragement is fantastic.  When Tucker first began, he lasted 20 minutes in the rugby chair. He now travels up and down the court. 

On the road again…

Clear the roads; Tucker is ready to begin driving. He completed behind the wheel training, using the new equipment necessary.   The van has been sent out to have the necessary modifications made and we expect it to be back in the next month or so. When it’s all said and done it will be well worth it, a huge step in Tucker’s independence!

In May Tucker received a service dog Canine Companions named Farrah! She has been a great addition to his life as new friend and helper.

Recovery Progress…

On September 1st 2016 Tucker had surgery at Shriners hospital in Philadeplhia to give him tricep and wrist function. Tucker had tendon transfers for triceps on both arms, tendon transfer for wrist extension on right arm only, and a nerve transfer for wrist extension on left arm. It will be about three to six months before we know how well the nerve transfer works, but surgeons are very hopeful. If all goes well, Tucker will return next summer for tendon transfer to give him pinch in his left hand. Tucker has been in Philadelphia for the past six weeks doing rehab after the surgery, he will continue to do rehab at home and should be able to fully use his new triceps in about six months! This surgery has given Tucker a huge step in regaining his independence, and he is very excited about what the future holds!

The past year for Tucker has been very rewarding.  He has made many accomplishments and  is on the fast track to becoming more and more independent!
We thank our family, friends, and God daily, for being with us as we move forward on this journey called life.

Love and Peace to all!

Tucker's Progress


Tuckers Team

Wearing his new school colors

Adaptive Skiing at Wisp

Tucker Getting his new pup!