Here is a quick recap to get everyone up to speed! 


I'm a Hokie! Thats right, I was accepted into Virginia Tech and started in the Spring of 2017. Planning on majoring in Building Construction, with a graduation date of May of 2020. 

Exploring creativity…

My passion for art still is present. I find myself in the "zone" when painting.  Nothing better than putting the earphones on and cranking up Pandora.  Hours can pass, super relaxing.  I've found my own style and palette – check out my most recent artwork on this website. In the process of planning another show this summer, hoping to find a venue in Arlington, VA.

On the road again…

Clear the roads; I'm driving (well I can drive, just don't do much of it but plan to practice). 

Recovery Progress…

​As anyone with a spinal cord injury will attest too, recovery is an ongoing process.  I continue to make strides in areas, both large and small.  My goal is working towards independence daily. I'm healthy, I'm happy and I'm incredibly thankful to have a family and friends who support me in everything I do!

Tuckers Team

Tucker's Progress