Tuckers Team

January 2018 

Where did the time go, a year plus has passed since I've updated my website.  So here goes nothing.  I began attending classes at Virginia Tech, in Blacksburg last January, 2017.  I plan to major in Building Construction (2020) and may have an internship this summer. I thoroughly enjoy every aspect of the college life (with the exception of Calculus, not a huge fan). My service dog Farrah is here with me and has been since I began this college journey, she's the absolute best! I'll keep the video up of when we first met during CCI training, because its awesome.  My tendon transfers were a successful.  They did increase my mobility, however, still not strong enough to do transfers.  Have not given up hope that this will come with time. Still painting when time permits, planning another art show this summer.



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This is my official website, created for all my family, friends and followers to keep up with me and my progress.  I've been blessed over the years to have found an outlet for creativity, in the form of acrylic painting.  It makes living a little nicer and being able to share my creations with you exciting.  I'm honored that your taking the time to catch up!

I'll be working hard to keep the information on my site current, of interest, and fun.  So browse at your leisure and check back often!

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Welcome to My Website!